About Natural Infrastructure Services

Natural Infrastructure Services is the product of the amalgamation of the members and experience of Natural Bridge Communications (NBC) and The Southern Cape Landowners Initiative (SCLI) – two long-standing environmental organisations with many years experience in the field of environmental awareness and communication. In order to fully realise environmental conservation, the subsequent step after environmental communication and awareness is rehabilitation, and hence the NPO Natural Infrastructure Services was created as the implementing body for environmental rehabilitation.

At present the primary role of NIS is as an Implementing Agent (IA) for invasive alien plant (IAP) clearing in the Western Cape, with secondary functions in environmental communications and awareness campaigns.

Cobus Meiring, CEO Natural Bridge


NIS Senior Management

NIS is comprised of individuals with an extensive amount of experience and knowledge in conservation and restoration projects
NIS personnel have a collective core professional history with Working for Water and related poverty relief programmes spanning approximately 100 years, with experience in environmental communication, restoration, rehabilitation and administration. NIS offers required infrastructure as well as trained and experienced staff capable of implementing projects of any budget with immediate effect.

The core members and their professional experience are listed below:

Solly Manyaka (Director)

Based in Pretoria, Solly liaises on behalf of NIS for all interior region projects and administration. He has over a decade of working experience in the Forestry Industry with roles ranging from operational (Forester) to research technician and business development coordination. Solly has also worked extensively in consulting.

Current NIS Position: Director – liaison interior region.

Cobus Meiring (Director)

Cobus is the founding member and head of NIS. He has almost twenty years of working experience in the environmental sector in some of South Africa’s most successful environmental projects, including many of the National Resources Management (NRM) Working For- Programmes. Cobus has successfully carried out a multitude of different roles within these projects, including – but not limited to – communications management, strategic and partnership development and public participation. Cobus was instrumental in the successful establishment of the Working for Water and Working for Wetlands Programmes.

Current NIS position: NIS Director, Stakeholder engagement and product development.

Rozanne Steyn

Having worked for more than ten years in the field of invasive alien plant management and the Working for Water Programme (WfW), Rozanne has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she adds to NIS operations.

Current NIS position: Project Management, contractor management and quality control.

Liz Bazin

Liz has a Masters degree in Biodiversity and Conservation Ecology, and currently assists in managing DEA NRM projects for NIS, as well as water stewardship initiatives for WWF.

Current NIS position: General project administration, financial administration.

Luami Zondagh

Luami has a BSc degree in Conservation Ecology, and currently assists in managing DEA NRM projects for NIS, as well as water stewardship initiatives for WWF.

Current NIS position: Company secretary, general project administration, financial administration.

Christo Strydom (Director)

Christo has over two decades of experience in the Forestry Industry, with his experience ranging from administrative to operational. Christo has worked in administration, Financial administration and financial accounting in the forestry industry.

Current NIS position: NIS Director, Senior Project Management, contractor management and quality control.



“A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.” — John James Audubon