NIS is an Implementing Agent for invasive alien plant clearing in the Western Cape, with secondary functions in environmental communications.
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    “Increasingly, landowners in the Southern Cape are confronted with expenses in clearing their land of invasive alien plants, and to keep regrowth under control”, says Cobus Meiring of the Southern Cape Landowners Initiative (SCLI). “These days legislation regulating the prevalence of invasive alien plants on private land comes into play when buying and selling property, …

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    SCLI Conference Supports Role of Forestry

    SCLI conference supports role of forestry in controlling invasive alien plants “Much lambasted by those with a genuine concern on the spread of pines and other exotic and invasive alien plants, the recent SCLI (Southern Cape Landowners Initiative) conference, commended the forestry industry for the strict adherence to the Foretry Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines”, says …

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